My Future..

If i do not become a doctor in the future, I will forgive no one.. No one.. :’( I wanna become a doctor and prove everyone wrong.. I need to become a doctor..

It’s dentistry or no one’s forgiven.. I have done my best at my studies.. It’s my time to shine.. Don’t deprive me of it.. I wanna become a doctor..


Amrit is this guy i knew when i was 15 y-o. I first saw him at ICC.. :) I actually pickes him up from the PJ Gurdwara.. Mom drove really.. lol.. Anyways.. He guided mom to the HGH Hall where the Interact Charity Concert was gonna be held.. He took care of me the whole time we were there.. Yeah.. He was nice enough to.. I already had feelings for him then.. Btw, i went for ICC when i was 16.. Somewhere in March or April.. Or was it June? No idea when.. Somewhere along those months though.. yeah.. anyways! thats not the point..

We then decided to meet up again.. We did! :D Somewhere mid of 2007.. Yeah.. We met up in Bangsar.. We had lunch at TSB (which has shut down now :( (Notmaking money, i guess?) Afetr that, we went to pool.. Yeah! Ibeat him hands down! :D :D We played the best of 3 games. I won 2 of em :) Haha and i swear i could feel him check me out everytime I bent to hit the cueball. Lmao he admitted to it like when we hooked up.. Haha yes i was checking him out too.. Just not as much as he was checking ME out though.. Haha i could actually feel his stares.. Lol.. He was so hot.. Gosh..

After that, on the 12th of August was when we hooked up :) At bout 3 something in the morning! Yes! I remember the time and the time IS amazing! lol.. It was so hot..

We did so much together. We had so so much fun together.. We went to sooo many places.. Still have loads more to go to btw :) Yes we’re together now. We’re actually on and off? Yeah.. Broke up 3 times.. We’re together now… I just need to like prove it to him that he is what i want..

I loved him like crazy last time.. I couldn’t live without him.. Literally.. I always consulted in him for help on what to do.. Yeah.. I couldn’t do things on my own.. I hated that.. I wanted to stand on my own two feet.. Thus, i broke up with him.. It wasn’t easy.. Honestly.. But hey, he’s my baby now ain’t he? I love him like alot alot alot.. I really do.. I have never loved, yes loved someone like i loved him.. Yeah!

Amrit.. I heart you? I do..*hugs* *kisses*

P.S. I Love You